Cyber Attacks on the Business

5 Biggest Known Cyber Attacks on the Business

Cybercriminals can get much more funds from the business than ordinary citizens; thus, business is of most significant interest to scammers. This article will analyze the most famous cases in the world.

How dangerous are cyberattacks on business?

Every year, the world economy suffers losses of $ 600 billion from cybercriminals. Such an assessment is entirely justified because technological progress made it possible to monetize the business on the Internet. Hackers are interested in people who earn on the network, a prominent business because this is a good financial source.

A cyberattack attempts to invade the information network by a hacker or a malicious program to break the system and benefit. The annual growth of cybercrime indicates that corporate networks are increasingly becoming objects of hacker attacks. Attackers either directly extort money from the injured side or are mercenaries of ill-wishers (often competitors) and aim to violate the organization. Increasingly, the attention of hackers is attracted by small and medium-sized businesses. It is because they cannot always afford serious I.T. security. So, employees are becoming a potential goal and a “weak place” in the digital defense of companies. It was especially noticeable in 2020 when a new coronary infection spread was the impetus for the Internet.

5 Biggest cyberattacks on business

The most large-scale cyberattacks worldwide are:

  • Acer

In 2021, the Acer computers manufacturer was hacked with the help of the Mount Program, which blocked the internal systems and stole part of banking financial information. To confirm the seriousness of their intentions, hackers sent images of documents that they managed to steal.

  • Zoom

Zoom’s low level of safety allowed attackers to receive accounting data from more than 500 thousand accounts. Thus, hackers could access crucial corporate information voiced at conferences.

  • JBS S.A.

The largest meat manufacturer in the USA JBS S.A. suffered due to cyberattacks that occurred on May 31, 2021. As a result of the attack, a fifth of all company production was disabled, and the group of companies had to stop the work entirely and cancel their shifts for three days.

  • Wannacry

It is widely seen as the most significant cyber-attack in history; this attack was made in 2017 by the Wannacry virus. This attack infected thousands of computers worldwide and caused millions of losses to companies like Telefónica, Nissan, Hitachi, Renault, FedEx, and Deutsche Bahn.

  • Solarwinds

In 2020, hackers accessed Solarwinds customer databases. How many companies were affected – is unknown, but they can be from several tens to 18 thousand.

What can be done to protect yourself?

Today information security includes not only the attacks of viruses and encryptions. After all, this is also a whole layer of problems associated with preventing leaks of crucial corporate information: databases, price conditions, new products, developments, etc. Here the most ordinary people become risk factors.

There are the following ways to protect your data:

  • Use a virtual desktop, cloud file storage, and cloud mail servers. If there is no information on the physical medium of the computer, then there is nothing to lose. Boards of directors worldwide are investing in systems like board portals for virtual communication of the board of directors, and more than half of them use personal email addresses instead of protected and encrypted digital communications tools.
  • Use hybrid applications that allow you to work either locally or in the cloud, for example, corporate versions of Google Docs. Minus – software products are paid, but in the case of device loss, not only restore all files but also encrypt or remotely delete data stored on a lost medium.